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  1. eugeneandresson

    eugeneandresson Feb 8, 2020

    Up for grabs my true Uncle Watch. Or rather, great-uncle watch. A gold plated Omega Geneve 1660163. It comes with the green-and-gold nato pictured.


    When I was 17 years old, I helped my Grandmother clear up the apartment of her recently deceased brother, and found this watch stashed in the back of a cupboard...and it reminded my of my Grandfathers watch. It was my first Omega, and was on my wrist during my formative years (for me age 17~27) of who I am today. Its still in fantastic condition, but has been lying unused for more than a decade.

    I created a thread about it (and hoped for other people to share a similar story) here.

    I will most likely never wear this watch again...and despite the history I have with it, the only sentiment I have for a particular family watch is that of my Grandfather (also an Omega) which I do have. As such, I would be happy to see it go to a good home. Still, some folks might think I am crazy to sell such a watch : I give you permission to comment on my thread!

    Lets walk through the pics.

    The Dial.


    The golden/metallic radial-burst dial is flawless. The effect in the Sun is barely visible in the above pic.

    The case.

    The case shows gold tarnish...due to lying around for over a decade. I have worn this watch no more than 3 times in that period.


    Original crown.


    More tarnish.

    IMG_3532.jpg IMG_3533.jpg

    I would say the case is excellent, and has only been affected by being worn. As its a single family watch, and the only service it has had was in 2008 (the watchmaker made quite the remark about that too...wrist cheese must have made its way into the movement), where the crystal too was replaced. I know that gold plated watches are not popular, and I can understand that part of the reason why is because when they are worn/down the base metal shows through on the case corners, but I can verify that this is not the case here. I wore this watch unthinkingly for over a decade (doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things :) ) and the only marks on the lugs/case are from tarnish at lying around...all surfaces still fully gold.


    This watch was a work gift for long service.

    Between the lugs (seen two pictures above) is the following hallmark.


    I did a quick seatch, couldn't find that, but I would assume that means its 20microns gold plated. If I am wrong, please let me know. Also, inside the case back is the following inscription : "lunette plaque or 6 20 microns" -> "bezel gold plate 6 20 microns" ...


    The movement.

    This I took long ago (before I had the idea to move this one along) I apologize its not better.


    The caliber 1012 works and keeps good time. Pulling the crown to the time-setting position (2nd click) was very tight when I tried it the first time in a long time a few days ago...but now seems good. Time setting also works fine, however, time setting backwards sometimes makes a clicking sound...I believe I have priced accordingly. This is all new to me - my history with this watch has been that it has worked flawless and smoothly. As such I would highly recommend that should you plan to wear it regularly to give it a service. Alternately, upon request, I could send it to my omega certified watchmaker for a service at cost to you.

    I am a private collector and not a dealer. This watch comes from my humble collection, which like most of you, is a result of a hobby that takes up far more time (and hard earned money!) than I would like to admit.

    Sale terms and conditions. 750 CHF (USD / EURO / GBP equivalent) or best reasonable offer wired directly to my Transferwise account. More currencies are available upon request.

    I will include shipping (plus insurance) to wherever you are in the world.

    The watch and I are in Switzerland, and so F2F could happen here. I will accept a wire directly to my Swiss bank account too, however that will be in CHF, and will thus cost you conversion and transfer fees. Paypal F&F will be accepted, in CHF as specified. I use Transferwise as it saves you on these fees, and is a local transaction for us both. Returns are accepted only if grossly misrepresented. You will get what you see in these pictures which are of a decent quality and high resolution, so I don't believe there is any chance of misrepresentation.

    References (by searching the 'seller profiles & review' sub forum).

    I have 100% positive reviews (upon request) on other platforms too.

    Thanks ΩF for this space :thumbsup:

    Some Glamour Shots

    IMG_5109.JPG IMG_5113.JPG
    Edited Feb 12, 2020
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  2. Jhh834

    Jhh834 Really, I only owned it for 2 weeks! Feb 8, 2020

    Nice watch! I kind of think you should consider keeping it in the family even if you aren’t wearing it much these days. Just my two cents. Good luck with your sale, though.
  3. Lovewatches2

    Lovewatches2 Feb 8, 2020

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  4. Lonestar

    Lonestar insert Schwartz joke HERE Feb 9, 2020

    Oh that belly... ::love::
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  5. eugeneandresson

    eugeneandresson Feb 12, 2020

    Not sure how to price, ORO.
  6. BenBagbag

    BenBagbag Feb 12, 2020

    Let this thread be a point of reference when people scold a newbie OP with no interest in watches for considering to sell their relatives watch...

    Good luck with the sale!
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  7. eugeneandresson

    eugeneandresson Mar 12, 2020

    Jose-Cuervo-Virus (because even though Corona tastes like liquid-Ass, Jose Cuervo is much worse and more how things are happening in the world) -bump
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  8. M'Bob

    M'Bob Mar 13, 2020

    Hope this sells, cuz here's what this guy said:

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  9. eugeneandresson

    eugeneandresson Mar 27, 2020 2:22am

    Ain’t-gonna-bump-no-more bump. Otherwise back in quarantine she goes for another decade.
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