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FSOT Omega 1506/16 Bracelet Full Length for Speedmaster $2600

  1. 140dave Oct 28, 2023

    Hi OF

    I will probably regret this but here is your opportunity to buy my 1506 bracelet with #16 endlinks (20mm). This is the correct bracelet and end links for the 105.012 family of Speedmasters.

    Bracelet is full length. 8 fixed + 4 spring links on one side and 8 fixed + 6 spring links on the other. Springs are tight and functional, minimal stretch.

    Clasp is dated 1/66
    Clasp has some scratches and a light dent, please see pictures. It closes and snaps but the clasp could use a bit more tightening if you want to wear it and feel secure IMO.

    Original vintage 16 endlinks complete this hard to find set.

    Priced at $2600 (orig $3000) net to me. Not a bargain but find another complete 1506/16 priced better and we can talk. Please send me a direct PM with any questions or comments.

    Wise preferred, PayPal accepted for established members. Price includes priority shipping in the USA, international shipping will be additional at cost.

    Speedmaster related trades always considered. Nothing on my hot button list at the moment but I like shiny objects lol.

    Here is some feedback, more available by PM if needed:[title_only]=1&c[node]=10

    Thanks to the members who cruise the WTB section and a big THANK YOU to OF for the platform and space.

    IMG_7825.jpeg IMG_7826.jpeg IMG_7827.jpeg IMG_7828.jpeg IMG_7829.jpeg IMG_7830.jpeg IMG_7831.jpeg IMG_7832.jpeg IMG_7833.jpeg IMG_7834.jpeg
    Edited Nov 19, 2023
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  2. 140dave Nov 19, 2023

    Let’s give it a bump and a new price of $2600