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NOS Dials & Hands evaluation

  1. MtV May 21, 2021

    Hey folks,

    first time I have a peek in this part of the OF - and of course I’m hoping for help. My watchmaker asked me today if I knew anyone who might be interested in a couple of Rolex dials and hands. He’s approaching 80, and while he’s sharp and fit, you never know, so he figured it might be wise to sell a few of the more special parts here and there as long as he still can. Thing is though: he doesn’t use the internet and has absolutely no idea what these might be worth, and neither do I. It’s not about extracting every last penny, but since he asked me to ideally give them to somebody who’d actually enjoy them I figured this might be the right place.

    What I’d love to find out is if they’re genuine and what you’d consider a fair price, if that’s not too much to ask. Sorry, I don’t usually like those what’s-this-watch-worth threads, but with dials it’s so much harder to get a realistic idea, especially since I know almost nothing about the brand. And my apologies if the “NOS” in the title was clickbait, but they do look impeccable.:D

    So, here we go. They all come in Rolex stamped metal boxes.

    030AED6C-AC5C-4F39-8311-D74BC43C8819.jpeg 524AB8AE-D9A7-4A5D-8FDC-8512ACA72F88.jpeg 1E0BC408-6836-4E53-B4A8-EC3FB8E3F5EF.jpeg BD329345-D91F-415E-99FE-BDEA2ECC9199.jpeg F9926926-2EC0-47C4-83E9-885021F9D66E.jpeg

    2) 9E1019D0-F99A-41FE-BB48-A884AC13D25A.jpeg B81251C7-D7B1-4A4B-A278-61B54E4104C3.jpeg 74E379B0-AA64-4E40-AC92-6E61C02F08CB.jpeg A273F335-F2ED-47EA-8986-EE635E750FBB.jpeg 98605980-F241-49B4-849E-A434D923E4F5.jpeg

    3) 50FF4E39-EF0F-48BA-93C3-BA2875B8A9F9.jpeg DC7FC88A-E3AC-401C-BBE4-CA7D3A92ABEB.jpeg E318B163-7E88-4C87-9CFF-99E39CBF30C3.jpeg AAC4E371-CA09-47E7-87E1-F996DF69B104.jpeg 82DE4331-EA0D-400A-AB4F-A0E6BBB5C850.jpeg

    4)These are the hands. I pulled one set out so you can an idea of the condition, there seem to be multiple sets in the other bags. Maybe the numbers on them are a helpful reference.
    F3FF90AC-CE33-4333-915D-5700C1DC0B6B.jpeg E403014C-FCE7-45CB-A78A-9F36EF94D355.jpeg

    Really appreciate your feedback! Thanks everybody :)
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  2. Caliber561 May 21, 2021

    Looks to me like the numbers for the bags on the right are caliber numbers, while the '14270' on the left bag is the reference for the 3130-equipped Rolex explorer. Given that there's brownish staining I would assume that these are tritium rather than luminova? I'm not aware of old tritium hands staining paper to a shade of this brown though, so perhaps another member could weigh in on that.
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  3. morningtundra May 24, 2021

    They look genuine to me. If you DM, I can refer you to a couple of dealers who specialize in parts and would probably buy them as a lot.