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SOLD Nivada Grenchen CASD, Valjoux 92

  1. Wlcutter Jun 12, 2022

    On offer's a classic which, unfortunately, has now sold twice to two flaky buyers on ebay. I'm pricing this at what it sold for on ebay (with fees), though have included a JB Champion bracelet.

    CASE: 39mm case (without signed crown) is in excellent, unpolished condition; all bevels are obvious, and there's light marks from wear, as you'd expect of anything pushing 60 years old. The caseback etching is clear, the crown is signed, and the bezel rotates bidirectionally as it should. The seemingly original crystal is crazed. The watch comes on a JB Champion straight-end Bullet-link bracelet that fits my 7.25" wrist fine. Caseback is marked 1837 M 8222.

    DIAL+HANDS: All original, untouched, and, so far as I can tell, in very good condition. The lume is full and seemingly not cracked, and I'm fairly sure all marks are on the crystal, but I've not pulled it out to check. I'm headed to the watchmaker tomorrow and will bring it with to confirm.

    MVMT: The signed Valjoux 92 movement is currently running and keeping time. The chronograph starts/stops/resets as it should. In the time I've had this watch, I've had no issues. That said: I don't know the service history (there are caseback markings indicating service at some point, but I'm not the original owner and have no idea when that was). I presume it'll need a service at some point but, at present, it's woprking for me.

    Price is $2300; I'm in Indiana/USA. Happy to provide as many references as are requested, and to answer any questions. Thanks for looking.
    IMG_2709.jpg IMG_2711.jpg s-l1600-9.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg IMG_2707.jpg IMG_2708.jpg IMG_2711.jpg s-l1600-2.jpg s-l1600-3.jpg s-l1600-4.jpg s-l1600-5.jpg s-l1600-7.jpg s-l1600-8.jpg s-l1600-6.jpg
  2. Slevin kelevra Jun 13, 2022