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  1. RubenDhae

    RubenDhae Apr 11, 2020

    Hello everybody!

    Please let me introduce myself. My name is Ruben and I'm a 23 years old Master student in logistics. I'm from Belgium. I've always been interested in watches and although I don't have expensive/luxury watches yet, I'm very interested in learning all about them. My main driver is a Dan Henry 1962, which is a mechaquartz watch heavily inspired by the Omega Speedmaster. The Speedy, by the way, is my long term grail watch!

    I've mainly joined this board (other than learning about Speedmasters) because I'm interested in vintage Omega watches. I'll be doing a vacation job this summer which will allow me to save up a max. of 400 euros to put towards a dress watch. As far as watches go, my chronograph Dan Henry is very nice. However, I like to dress myself up about once a month, so I definily have a "need" for a dress watch. Since I'm interested in old-school things (I actively collect fountain pens), a vintage dress watch really speaks to me! And so I'm here - joining this board as a means of embarking towards my long quest for a vintage Omega dress watch.

    I have done some research (reading, watching videos on youtube) and have encoutered some interesting vintage Omega dress watches already. Examples are the Omega DeVille, Omega genève, Omega seamaster 30 and so on. Apart from these names the similarities and differrences between such vintage Omega watches are not yet clear to me. Also, it seems that most of them are 34mm. This really seems too small for me - I'm currently trying to get info on 36mm vintage Omegas. I'll be posting another thread on this subject soonish as well.

    I'm excited to learn many things on this board.
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  2. WatchCor

    WatchCor Apr 11, 2020

    Welcome Ruben , great introduction.

    You'll find that with some basic courtesy (and pictures ) knowledgeable ΩF members are more than willing to help. You'll also learn that we appreciate (allmost) all kinds of horology here. :p

    My recommendation would be not to hamper yourself with only a 36mm case size. There are lovely 35. & 34 mm size watches out there. The observed size of a watch is also affected by case, bezel and dial design and form. Of course this is a matter of taste so buy what you can afford and what pleases and suits you. :thumbsup:

    Edited Apr 11, 2020
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    ZIELSZIEK Apr 12, 2020

    Hello Ruben.
    I'm a relatively new member here too and we're roughly the same age. I'm glad some of us, the younger folk, have a penchant for collecting proper watches. Too many people nowadays do it only for showing off or other stupid reasons, forgetting to appreciate timepieces for the mesmerizing contraptions they are.
    This is an amazing forum and the marketplace is the best I have seen. The people running this forum are doing an amazing job, to say the least. I'm sure you'll find it to your liking as I already have!
    One thing we have in common is that we are self sponsored, which makes all of this more rewarding, in my opinion.
    Happy hunting and welcome to OF!
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  4. wagudc

    wagudc Apr 12, 2020

    Keep an eye on the sales forum. Also don't forget to factor in the cost of a service if you plan to wear the watch regularly.