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  1. MJKauz

    MJKauz Nov 19, 2019

    Hey everyone. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this forum. I've yet to buy my first Omega but I've been searching for some time for the right first good wrist watch after being surrounded by pocket watches from basically when I was born.

    I wish I had photos on me at the moment but some of my favorites are my 1899 American Waltham 16S Riverside, a 1883 Waltham with a Fahys dial gilt with pears at the 5 minute marks, and a 1920 Illinois grade 706 with a BW Raymond case. The last watch, the Grade 706, I said my first words to: "tick tock clock".

    Unsurprising that with a connection to railroad grade pocket watches through my grandfather's collection (and now mine) that I'm on the search for a quality Railmaster, so hopefully the forum will be of some help. Thanks again!
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