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  1. ludo

    ludo Nov 2, 2019

    Hi there, Ludo from France.

    I have been lurking for a few months but thought it was time to introduce myself.

    I have been collecting for 15 years and gravitating for years around the speedmaster but it's only very recently that I finally got to have one.

    Actually my GF first got an Omega as a present for the birth of our baby girl, a speedmaster auto in white: IMG_1639.jpeg
    Then a few month back for my 40th birthday, she gifted me with the classic: a speedmaster moonwatch hesalite.
    Interesting thing is that the watch is dated of july 21st. Very happy with this one !!
    Then a few days later as I was looking for a nice summer watch I read on Fratello a review of the new seamster 300 in steel and sedna gold...and bought it as a present to myself too!!
    The built quality of this watch is on par with much more expensive watch I have come across. And it's the perfect allrounder in my eyes.

    So after 15 years without ever owning an Omega now we have 3 in the familly in less than a year !!

    Sadly I fear I will have to let go the seamaster along with a few others in my collection (Pepsi 1675, Nomos Tangente Bauhaus) as I await the opportunity to very soon buy a grail watch of mine (a Daytona - not the steel C, I am not THAT lucky).

    But I hope to be able to come back to it this incredible seamaster series, maybe in the form of the ceramic/titanium one or...the screen Bond if it's a good one ;)

    For now I will enjoy the speedmaster, you can never be bored with such a perfect design.

    Anyway thanks for creating and maintening such a place for passionate collectors. I hope to one day being able to contribute to the knowledge base here !

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  2. Millenary Watches

    Millenary Watches Nov 2, 2019

    Bonjour and welcome!:)
  3. Jonathan40

    Jonathan40 Nov 2, 2019

    Welcome, your 2 Omega’s are great, hope you don’t regret letting the 1675 go because you might not ever be able to get back in at a sensible price.
    Let’s see the Daytona if and when it arrives.
    Your GF’s auto looks fantastic. I’m looking for an albino sports model and that is right up my street.