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Modern Rolex -> Curved Springbars

  1. eugeneandresson 'I used a hammer, a chisel, and my fingers' Jan 20, 2023

    I have a single modern rolex (shame on me, I know, but I love watches, and my investment is my pleasure and thats that and nobody knows I have a rolex, well almost nobody) ... and as much as I love the bracelet, its very one dimensional. Its a SeaDweller with 22mm lugs.

    I thought 'let me bend some of my cheap-o's so that I could open up the strap-box of possibility ... the endlinks and case are tight on these ... but alas they have larger-than-regular diameter holes ... only the springbars that came with it fit.

    Anybody know where I can get some proper curved springbars for my SD43? Thanks in advance!