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SOLD Lorier Gemini Chronograph

  1. Annapolis May 24, 2022

    With gratitude to OF! (And apologies to the mods for the original post, in which I included a second watch---I've sold here several times but forgot that rule!)

    I'm shedding some of the lesser-used items in my small collection. This is a superb, perfectly-functioning and cosmetically 8+ microbrand piece.

    $300 SOLD Thanks, OF!

    Continental US sale only; I'll cover USPS Priority shipping. Not interested in any trades. No returns unless grossly mis-described.

    Only positive feedback here and (a great deal more of it) on eBay.

    I will include what the watch came with (box, paperwork, a pouch/pillow, etc), but I'm not considering that to be a value proposition. This isn't vintage Speedmaster or anything.

    The watch is currently adjusted to my 6.75" wrist, but I will include all links.


    The official Lorier (pronounced Lor-yay) description is here. Many of you know this brand and this watch; suffice to say, it's a phenomenal (I believe New York based) microbrand chrono and one that's hard to get! Retail is $500, and they've been sold out for a while.

    At 39mm, its proportions feel akin to the FOIS. (Indeed, I wore it once or twice on a brown leather strap it and looked fantastic that way!) At that size, it's extremely wearable, understated, with a strong vintage vibe, but without looking like a tribute or homage piece--it's its own thing.

    The stainless bracelet is really superb---they hit it out of the park. So comfortable and a thoughtful design. With the drilled lugs, changing it around is simple.

    Built on the venerable and tough Seagull ST19, this is a manual-wind chrono that keeps excellent time. The watch shouldn't need a service for many years.

    Somewhat unusual, too, in that it pairs the chronograph feature with a bidirectional timing bezel---which you can also use to track a second time zone if you want, of course, so it's an extremely functional tool watch, though this could also be an everyday piece.


    Now to the pictures! Please look at them closely for additional condition info and feel free to request more.
    image9.jpeg image8.jpeg image7.jpeg image5 (1).jpeg image4 (3).jpeg
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  2. Lonestar insert Schwartz joke HERE May 24, 2022

    Congrats for the quick sale :)

    Please add the price back to the ad as per forum rules, otherwise you will need to apologize to the mods once more for breaking them again ;)

  3. Annapolis May 24, 2022

    Done! Thanks for catching that.
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