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Looking for a first automatic Speedmaster

  1. Leito

    Leito Aug 15, 2019 7:03am


    I never owned a watch that wasn't a smart watch and i decided to fix this.
    I like the looks of Speedmaster but i don't think i am quite ready for the manual yet — owning watches that needs bi-weekly charging was quite a stress to be honest and i would probably want to avoid it in the future.

    Seeing how i can't have an automatic 42mm i think i am happy to settle with a different size. Having browsed the forum for a bit it seems like my options are 3513.53 and 3513.50. I am probably looking for something in a very good condition. Now to the list of questions :p

    1. Are those 2 models provide the best movement / value?
    2. Is it even possible to find something in a very good condition form those times?
    3. Are there any decent sellers around London where i can see those watches used and potentially buy?
    4. I heard that ebay is a good source of nicely priced watches but having looked over the course of last month i can't seem to find anything in a good condition below $2000+(ish). Any tips? At this point i am almost thinking that i might just as well go and buy new one. I would obviously prefer to pay less though and i like some of the historical models too.

    Thank you!
  2. Risto

    Risto Aug 15, 2019 7:22am

    Can't comment on those models.

    I've owned "reduced" Speedmaster automatic (39mm), but it still bothered me that it wasn't "the real" Speedmaster. Sold it.
    Then I got the hesalite modern Pro and loved it to bits.
    You wind it up every morning, it's a nice routine, just like you brush your teeth.
    And if you forget winding it up and the watch stops, I guess you check the time from your phone anyway.

    You can get nice Pro for 3000 USD. It's totally worth the money!
    I sold my Pro and now have FOIS.
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  3. Kokito

    Kokito Aug 15, 2019 7:23am

    Let’s look at 3511.50. It’s more similar to the normal speedy. Movement is based on vj7750, easy to service and replacement parts.

    2k$ is a good budget. 902FD60B-1AA3-43FA-B86B-70A554F29679.jpeg
  4. Leito

    Leito Aug 16, 2019 4:28am

    Looks interesting. I am not a big fan of steel bracelets but i am guessing it will look good on leather strap as well.
    Anything you can telll me about jp edition 3513.53 by the way? Anything different about them beside looks?