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  1. Duracuir1 Never Used A Kodak Feb 26, 2023


    Dear members, FS is a 6´´ X 4´´ by 2 1/8´´ red Jenny Caribbean box.

    In decent shape with a few nicks. Opens and closes well. Photos will show the condition. There is one corner that is a bit damaged. I may try to glue the tiny bit of red material that is lifted.

    No inserts (I can make one with leather with the buyer’s input for a fee).

    US $30 as is plus shipping. I use Paypal and have references here on OF. No returns on this minor transaction.

    Thanks for looking. Thanks OF.

    2E36A4CF-E62C-48A6-BB26-BA3266FB4A5C.jpeg FAA7AFC9-C1FD-4DA4-8965-2F71180C8B50.jpeg 628A1144-D69D-4421-A906-2DDD7A4E9AF1.jpeg 1309540E-4BCC-41CD-953C-8A16C4521730.jpeg 9CCAF39C-F8BF-446B-AD21-6A7C849A69FA.jpeg AFED403F-9277-429E-8A55-F6FC40030E53.jpeg B1C027CB-BB80-4024-9BE2-24F2E1E7B251.jpeg 9D054315-1242-4804-8468-0E66293B8083.jpeg 81E5729D-787D-4BCC-8D23-7DC110DB892E.jpeg 06AA6A64-79DE-4C13-85B5-05FB99BD562E.jpeg 0BA46460-440B-4515-958A-23382CB0504F.jpeg 0B0C9096-0372-4C61-91BA-3FF2BCD686EE.jpeg 2900B001-D49C-4FEE-B5BA-EF11A7CD20F4.jpeg watch not included 0599AC73-ABAC-428D-8078-B260C53324A2.jpeg
    Edited Feb 26, 2023
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