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Interested in UFOs...and investing?

  1. Tony C. Ωf Jury member Mar 18, 2023

    Sounds like an odd match, eh?

    Well, I occasionally listen to the typically excellent podcasts produced by Grant Williams, who speaks with a variety of interesting guests from the world of Finance. Earlier this Month, Williams had David Dorr, of Dorr Asset Management, on the show.

    I know nothing of Dorr's performance as an asset manager, but am recommending this show to readers because the discussion is primarily about UFOs, a topic on which Dorr is apparently very well-versed. He does tie it into investing towards the end of the conversation, and that is interesting. But it is Dorr's overview of what has been happening in recent years re: UFOs, and his interpretations of what might be going on, that I found most interesting.

    Here's a link to Spotify (it isn't necessary to sign in to listen):