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  1. Dr.Unneberg Jan 1, 2023

    Can someone please help me find out what watch this is. I recived it from my grandfather last week. It’s all original and runs smooth. I think its from the 50s. The value would also be nice to know.
    Thank you in advance :)
    B1CBD09E-9DB3-45BF-817E-13D0BBAC2716.jpeg 7E5FD091-8AF7-4BFE-8C87-FE40EFCC7760.jpeg E501869E-0BD7-4974-9619-1E592989EC12.jpeg
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  2. Fritz genuflects before the mighty quartzophobe Jan 1, 2023

    Looks like a nice Longines. Perhaps mid forties. That case is of a type favoured by the military and zillions were made. You’ll need to take this to a watchmaker and have him open the back so you can get pictures of the movement. The important details are the serial number off the movement ( not the caseback ) and the calibre number. This will be visible through the balance wheel.

    I’d get it serviced before wearing it as the lubricants will be dried up. Don’t send it in to Longines, instead find a good local watchmaker who can service it without messing up that nice original dial or polishing the case to death. Then put a nice strap on it and enjoy.
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  3. Dan S Jan 1, 2023

    Great little heirloom piece you have. These are generically called sei tacche watches because of the six slots in the back. If you have the watch opened and take clear photos, you can post them here, but also enter the information on the Longines website and they will send you complimentary historical information from their archives. As noted above, if you plan to actually use it regularly, you would want to have it serviced, but it's quite a small watch (typical of that time), so be realistic about whether you will truly wear it. If not, just enjoy it for its historical connection to your family.
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  4. Radiumpassion Jan 2, 2023

    Nice heirloom. Looks like a ref. 5411

    I`ve had a few in my collection, and it seems alot of them was invoiced to scandinavia.
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  5. BlueHands Jan 2, 2023

    Looks very original, the glass should be changed when you plan to get it serviced. There are some cracks visible.
    These watches are very robust and in case of a good service they are working horses and run very exactly. It's the size that matters,
    33 mm are no more common in these days. I like these small size watches.