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How to wind Omega Constellation C-Case 168.017 Caliber 564

  1. Owl9891

    Owl9891 Jan 16, 2020 7:18am

    Hi guys

    I have recently purchased a 1966 Omega Constellation C-Case 168.017 Caliber 564.

    The watch is currently not ticking, I just want to check that I don't damage the watch by winding it incorrectly. From what I understand, these are the steps.

    1) To wind the watch, rotate the crown away from you.

    - with regard to this, is it possible to over-wind the watch? will the crown still rotate if the watch is fully wound? Is it possible the break the watch by winding the crown the wrong direction?

    2) To change the hands, click the crown out once and rotate toward you.

    - is it possible to break the watch by rotating in the wrong direction.

    3) To use the quick date feature - click crown out twice and rotate toward you. DO NOT ROTATE BETWEEN HOURS 10 - 2.

    Is there anything else that I should know.

    Many thanks for any replies :)
  2. efauser

    efauser I ♥ karma!!! Jan 16, 2020 7:29am

    It's an automatic. Wind away from you about 20 times to get it going. The movement of your wrist will take over from there to keep it wound. I don't think you can overwind it.
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  3. Peemacgee

    Peemacgee Purrrr-veyor of luxury cat box loungers Jan 16, 2020 7:38am

    As @efauser days - you can’t over wind the automatic movt.

    If you have so much as moved the watch it should be ticking as the rotor will wind the watch.

    You can turn the hands either way.

    For the quickset, you don’t turn the crown.
    Pulling the crown out changes the date.
    It’s advised to set the hands to 6.30 when changing the date.

    Hope that helps

    Pics of the watch in question?
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  4. Gui13250

    Gui13250 Jan 16, 2020 9:05am

    Lucky you, I’m still looking for mine 168.017!
    Show us pictures of it!