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  1. Carpenterbrian

    Carpenterbrian Mar 1, 2018

    I do not know a lot about watches so I am turning to the experts. I have a 1950s 17 jewel Omega Automatic Seamaster. It works and keeps time but it is in used condition with minor surface marks. What is a reasonable price for a watch like this one?
    20180210_141241.jpg 20180210_141259.jpg
  2. R3D9

    R3D9 Mar 1, 2018

    Before anyone can give you any advice you’re going to need to get that caseback open and grab clear images of the inside of the caseback and the movement itself from a number of angles.

    If you don’t know how to open it, find a watchmaker to do it for you.

    Better pictures of the watch would be nice also - try taking it outside and place it in the shade and take some pictures of it from a number of angles as well.

    You’re not likely going to get specific pricing advice, but you will possibly receive help in terms of identifying the watch so you can go and do your own research on what comparable examples have sold for - eBay being the best guide.