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How many variations-Limited Ed. 20th Anniversary Speedmaster models???

  1. wwhntr

    wwhntr Jun 16, 2015

    This somewhat under loved LE came in 3 variations according Moonwatch Only.

    Without Moonwatch Only it could become quite confusing! (With utmost respect, I must say that I'm glad people like Rossier and Marqui'e are much more "anal" than myself!!!)

    4000 unnumbered for the world

    2000 numbered for the United States with, according to Moonwatch Only, the first 1000 or so marked xxxx/2000 and the rest marked xxxx/2000 APOLLO XI 1969

    250 numbered for Germany marked xxx/250 APOLLO XI 1969-1989

    The first two variations came with the uncommon 1450/808 end pieces solid link bracelet.

    I won't go into the box and other goodies included with these variations. You'll have to get your hands on your on copy of Moonwatch Only to learn more::book::