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Height of double bevel casebacks and also the position of the lower bevel

  1. Reborn

    Reborn Jul 29, 2018


    I have three casebacks here and would like to seek experts' advice on them: Left to right are ST105 003 65 (FJ), S105 003 63 (HF) and S105 012 64 (HF).

    a) Is it true that the height of casebacks vary according to batch and manufacturer? Among the three casebacks, the S105 012 64 appears to be slightly taller in height.

    b) Is it true that the position of the lower bevel of the S105 003 63 is normally lower than that of the other double bevel casebacks (i.e. below the holes rather than in between the holes)?

    Sorry I forgot to take pics of the insides of the casebacks.

    Many thanks in advance for the answers!

    [​IMG]20180726_091930 by The Cloth Shutter, on Flickr
  2. watchtinker

    watchtinker Jul 31, 2018

    Casebacks profiles and thickness may vary according to the manufacturer and to the the batch. Please do not forget that these were meant to be tool watches and one cannot expect the tolerances of Haute Horlogerie.