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Harman underline black gilt dial chrono 32mm

  1. southtexas

    southtexas Feb 26, 2019

    IHello I picked up a cool little chronograph in a lot buy and I can’t find too much about it. It’s a 32mm Harman chronograph with black gilt dial.

    “Harman” is underlined, does anyone know why? In the vintage Rolex world, this typically signified a dial that has tritium on the dial (during the transition from radium lume to tritium). Not sure if that’s the case here?

    I can’t tell why the arabic numbers are so degraded, bad relume?

    I can’t identify the movement. It seems to be marked with the Harman import code, and an “8” laying on its side. Is this an in-house movement?

    It’s missing a subdial Hand, and it doesn’t work. The pushers don’t seem to engage anything, and I think the mainspring has sprung.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
    049DF209-D9B0-435E-BA78-5AFFA5E02169.jpeg 7A232A2F-F2DA-4A25-A9EF-5BB52B216833.jpeg 4DA68768-7775-4E02-B91E-28908156F985.jpeg
    4F6A5299-2E27-49DB-B88C-7B555AE41409.jpeg 2B89548D-7821-4A08-A1B5-CACF451D6A4E.jpeg E440D687-8745-40F6-AC64-090394FD3DFC.jpeg 00F21B10-BDE7-4739-BE65-F5148FDE2CFA.jpeg 8F6AB12D-F286-45A1-B129-130A83274D9A.jpeg 145F6782-7738-4046-9CFB-11DF189EA50F.jpeg 3D0A5A25-1E53-4395-99A6-1BF70E8AB2BC.jpeg
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  2. deni2s

    deni2s Jan 13, 2020

    Harman chronograph with case marked 1000 numbers back has single pusher Venus 103 movement, I will not wonder if this is something from Venus family too. Did you got it running? I have some interest in Harman watches.
  3. JoLo

    JoLo Jan 15, 2020

    Here is some info I found online:
    Harman Watch Company was established in New York City by Harry Friedman in 1933. He was an immigrant from Romania who arrived to the U.S. in 1884 at the age of 17. Through his apprenticeship in the jewelry business, he and his brother-in-law started working with Swiss watchmakers, and eventually established a business in New York in which they became a sole U.S. distributor of several small Swiss companies. After a fallout with his brother-in-law, he founded Harman Watch Company on his own. He fully utilized his past experience by making his own creation in the U.S., and importing high quality watch and jewelry parts that were available in Europe. Harry retired in 1949 at the age of 65 and passed on his company to his son. But due to the changing demands in the market, the company closed its operation in the late 1950s.

    Friedman's grandson has a recent article about the company on the NAWCC website, but I have not joined that group yet.

    I recently purchased a Harman chronograph. Can't wait to get it! s-l1600.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg