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Happy Lunar New Year and new (for me)

  1. river9 Jan 22, 2023

    Hello OFers.
    Happy Lunar New Year 2023 from Vietnam.
    Thanks for sharing thoughts on spotting fake Rolex and knowledge on this brand to which I am neophyte.
    Here is my first ever Rolex acquired about two months ago (with due diligence of course).
    Its a 1501 ref cal 570 1.4M serial. Bracelet is after market (Hong Kong made as per seller statement but quite aesthetically convincing). Crystal seems genuine. Dial nicely aged while case a bit polished with a lot signs of wear between lugs. This aspect is very intriguing to my. Dial swapping although with a correct one? Please share your thoughts. Thank you in advance.
    Otherwise a nice T dial, under UV light lume plots glow for several seconds.


    Video below