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Golden Janus 042.400 Service

  1. gleaver49

    gleaver49 Jan 2, 2020

    I took a flyer on a Golden Janus 042.400 from a kid who inherited it from his grandfather. He didnt know the service history, but it did run.

    It's a beautiful Limited Edition 18k rose gold and platinum cabriolet with hand made faces and a unique in house movement released for UG's 100th anniversary in 1994. Only 150 were made.




    Upon receipt of the watch I took it to my watchmaker who realized it's missing the pins for the 2nd and 3rd crowns (used to set the jump hour, date and secondary hands on the back face). It does run, but needs servicing including at least a few parts (pins) replaced and I havent been able to get in touch with UG at all, or any watchmakers in the USA who are willing to work on it for less than $4-5k. Even those were hesitant to open it up or commit given its uniqueness.

    Does anyone have any ideas on where to get something like this serviced or how to get in touch with someone at UG to see if they even work on their pieces now, have parts available, or otherwise have resources now that they're owned/based in Hong Kong?
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