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OHPF Glycine Airman - Vintage 1964

  1. noiseboyuk Apr 5, 2021


    Hi All,
    Something has cropped up and I’ve decided to sell my small collection of four, all original Glycine ‘Airman’ watches.
    I originally listed these as a 'set' of four, but due to Forum rules, I will now be listing them separately over the next few days.
    They are all vintage watches from the 50's and 60's, not the re-issues.
    These are 24 hour watches, however the extended tail of the hour hand also points at the 12 hour equivalent during daytime – pretty neat.
    They are all automatic self winding movements with a date feature and all have ‘GMT’ rotating bezels which can be released and locked using the second ‘crown’ at 08.00 hours..
    Stainless steel cases just over 36mm without crowns with 20mm lug width which makes them ‘wear bigger’.
    All are in excellent condition for their age - Clearly they show signs of being worn, but no major dings or gouges.
    They all feature the remarkable ‘hacking’ seconds hand complication.
    For those new to Glycine Airman’, the hacking seconds is an astonishingly simple mechanism, unique to Glycine Airman, which allows for ultra accurate synchronisation for individual or multiple timepieces.
    There is a tiny hole in between the 2 and 4 digit at the top of the watch dial.
    When the crown is pulled out to the 1st position (time setting), a cam mechanism pushes an ultra thin wire (human hair thickness) up through the hole.
    The second hand continues to rotate until its extended tip comes into contact with this wire, and it stops. Once hours and minutes are set on the watch, the seconds hand is immediately restarted at zero, by pushing the crown back in to manual winding position (thus retracting the wire and allowing the seconds hand to start).
    For example, in a military context where ultra accurate synchronisation was essential - a large number of pilots during pre flight briefing could very simply synchronise all their watches by pulling out the crown, setting the time - and then after a countdown, simultaneously pressing the crown back in – all seconds hands would start in sync.
    This feature was used extensively during various conflicts including Vietnam.
    Unfortunately, many of the vintage Glycine Airman watches that come up for sale, have non working hack mechanisms, parts are no longer available so repairs are quite challenging.
    Although not a major target for ‘fakers’, there are a few out there – and quite a few ‘frankens’.
    Here are some links to more information on the Glycine Airman, much more info is available on the net.

    #TBT Glycine Airman Special (

    Glycine Airman: Story Behind The Pilot’s Wristwatch – Gnomon Watches

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    Watches Worn by USAF in Vietnam: An American Icon and the Precursor to the GMT Watch | by Howard “Howardflyer” Lau | Medium

    Here is a spreadsheet that can be used to confirm date of manufacture and features specific to the year of the watch.

    Glycine Airman. 1964.
    All original
    Excellent condition for year.
    Good strong snap back case with no signs of polishing.
    Correct 'hash mark' wind/set crown.
    Sharp engravings on the caseback.
    Excellent dial print and lume.
    Correct 'cyclops date' crystal - the lens is under the crystal, so no external bulge.
    Correct Schild AS1700 movement.
    Good timekeeping and power reserve.
    All functions work correctly.
    Rotating bezel works smoothly with firm 'lock' via the crown at 08.00 hours..
    Fully working hacking seconds feature.
    Mounted on a black strap with stainless steel buckle.
    Please check out the pictures as they represent the majority of the description
    I'd like to see UK £1500 to include shipping.
    Please contact me for further information etc.
    IMG_3112.JPG IMG_3113.JPG IMG_3114.JPG IMG_3115.JPG IMG_3116.JPG IMG_3117.JPG IMG_3118.JPG IMG_3119.JPG IMG_3120.JPG IMG_3211.JPG
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