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  1. banshee May 24, 2021

    Hi Guys,

    I recently bought this GDR Ruhla from an antiques dealer for 12 EUR. I loved the looks of it (especially the plastic case) and the history of the brand. I have some general understanding about the GDR period of watchmaking in Germany and the importance of the Rukhla brand back then.

    Nevertheless, I can't seem to find specific info on my watch. I'd like to know more about:
    1. The year of production: the design looks 70s to me...
    2. The movement
    3. Actually what makes me most curious: what was the reason the case was made from plastic? Was it to avoid magnetism? Or maybe it was cost effective?
    IMG_2312.jpeg IMG_2313.jpeg
    Edited May 25, 2021