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SOLD FS Omega Constellation 168.0065 "The Last Pie Pan"

  1. Shabbaz

    Shabbaz Mar 20, 2020

    Dear OF members,

    For sale today a well preserved 168.0065 Connie also called "The Last Pie Pan". Case, dial and hands in very good condition. Medaillon still sharp. Case measures 34mm. Original omega plexi and crown.

    The watch will be delivered with it's original omega bracelet. I think this is the original bracelet for a 168.0065. It was bought together with the watch.

    The watch was serviced in 2018. Pictures and receipt of the service are available.

    It's beeing sold because I'm not wearing it anymore. Because of the condition it took me some time to let it go. But a watch is meant to be worn so it has to go.

    One month ago a 168.0065 was sold here in OF. It was sold quite quick. Asking price was $ 1950. Here's the link:

    My price: EUR 1700.

    I'm a longtime seller on chrono24. But I also have some references here.

    I'm based in the EU. Shipping with UPS express post will be between EUR 43,00 and EUR 65,00 (depending on location) and is really fast. Shipping at own risk. Insured shipment is possible as well but this takes a bit more shipping time because I can not use UPS for this.

    Payment: bank Transfer preferred / PayPal possible ( only for goods and services, so please add 4% )

    Thanks OF for the space! Hope you enjoy the pictures!
    20200320_162309.jpg 20200320_162126.jpg 20171220_132859.jpg 20200320_162340.jpg 20200320_162202.jpg 20200320_162155.jpg 20200320_162352.jpg 20200320_162239.jpg Screenshot_20200320-164523_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200320-164535_Gallery.jpg 20191201_114331.jpg 20191201_114235.jpg 20191201_114258.jpg
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  2. Shabbaz

    Shabbaz Mar 23, 2020

  3. watchdaddy1

    watchdaddy1 Mar 26, 2020 7:36pm

    Well that was quick :eek:
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