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First Time Watch - Planet Ocean 43,5mm Blue - is this legit?

  1. PeterFromCologne Mar 17, 2023

    Hello Watch Aficionados and Wrist Experts,

    so the Missus has gifted me this blue PO 43,5mm as a daily d(r)iver because she thought I was obsessing too much about heart rates, sleep phases and all that after wearing different Garmin Fenix Watches for years.

    So this being a very nice watch and me being new at this, is this watch legit? And is it just me, or is the white square in the upper dial just above the "12" a tiny smitch off center? Or are they all like this? Also I retrieved the METAS Testing results for this watch from the Omega Page. Would this be considered any good?
    Thanks for any insights!

    Best Regards

    Peter from Cologne
    Edited Mar 18, 2023
  2. PandaSPUR Mar 17, 2023

    Looks legit, markers look fine to me, and if you were able to grab the METAS results then its legit. I've never seen a fake have the proper METAS card that also matches the serial.

    And 0s/day is literally perfect accuracy, congrats!

    Enjoy the watch :)