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Explorer 114270 or wait for a 124270?

  1. Capt Cave Man Feb 25, 2023

    Apologies, a novice to Rolex.

    I'm sure this has been raised numerous times but hear me out... fyi UK based.

    After purchasing an Apollo 11 50th with my local AD, I was also interested in a Silver Snoopy, joined their list at the announcement and was #1.

    I then received the call in late summer 2021 or so I thought, in fact they were informing me that they were terminating their Omega AD status, sorry, we're refunding your deposit. At the time I was also discussing with them an Explorer but that stopped as I was phoning & mailing, trying to get back on a list somewhere for a Snoopy.

    After losing all hope Omega, out of the blue responded and allocated me to another AD who are also a Rolex AD. After liaising with them and discussing my predicament I also stated I was interested in said Explorer, and later a Sub, "not a problem, your added", I was informed.

    Role on to now... I've been slowly adding to the savings pot so reached out the AD again (not for the first time since I add). My contact left the AD at Christmas and they are now being a little cagey on confirming if I was added to any Rolex list.

    I'm after an Explorer mainly to scratch that itch but I'll be holding on to it, enjoy it or not as it will be my lad to decide it's fate. So to my quandary;

    Do I go for an earlier 114270, the model matches my son's birth year - or do I keep chipping away, hoping I'm on, or will be on some sort of waiting merry-go-round? With the softening of values over the last few months there doesn't appear to be too much of difference between the models and with a little bit of haggling...

    Both 36mm
    114270 - possible birth year piece for it's next intended owner
    124270 - the first owner AD experience... and it's shiny [edit] and possibly obtaining a Sub.
  2. omegawatchlover Feb 25, 2023

    I also thought about getting a birth year watch but honestly, there is nothing good in mine. Condition should be your number one priority not some birth year BS. Why should your options be limited to one year? It's not like the papers will have your name on them.

    I was set on buying a 11series explorer 1 until the 12series came out. Also, during my hunt I got annoyed by the chips on the bezel... I mean it is a used watch, what can you expect? But it would've been my first 5k+ watch... I wanted it to be perfect.

    I own the new 12 series and am so glad I bought that instead. The lugs are thicker and way nicer. I like that they are vertically brushed opposed to the previous diagonal brush. The dial is more legible, bracelet feels richer, and overall a great watch. The perfect 36mm oyster case.

    The explorer 1 is a classic and an icon. Buy it if you want to. 8k to scratch an itch for the snoopy sounds ridiculous but that's your money. It is better than a cartoon animal watch. :rolleyes:

    Ask for the submariner if that it is your ultimate goal in Rolex. Don't buy the explorer to get the sub. They will think they're doing you a favor selling you an exp and you won't get the sub for a very long time. Maybe if they like you enough, they will. This is the reality of the Rolex market.
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  3. bananapeanut Feb 25, 2023

    I'd go for the new one. Just be patient.
  4. KeithS Feb 25, 2023

    Have you tried either Explorer on? I used to own the 114270. Size-wise, it was small but wearable on my 7-inch wrist. I’ve tried the 124270 on several times, but the slimmer bracelet with the more aggressive taper made it wear a lot smaller.

    That said, if you want the Sub, just say you want the Sub and be prepared to wait a few months.
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  5. spacemission Feb 26, 2023

    36mm forever. An aficionado will purchase other thing.
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  6. Dan S Feb 26, 2023

    Very modest differences between the references IMO, only you can decide which you prefer. I'd suggest trying them on in person.
  7. vibe Feb 27, 2023

    I have a 114270 and prefer it to the 124270. Here is why:

    114270 pros:
    I don’t like the engraved rehault post 2007
    The 3130 is probably a more robust movement.
    You can’t use a strap on the 124270
    124270 case seems smaller and the bracelet looks too elegant with the taper.
    Prefer the older lighter hollow link bracelet, looks more toolish and it has less thickness at the clasp

    114270 cons:
    Lumed numbers are nice on the new series
    No Parachrom balance or paraflex
  8. Capt Cave Man Mar 3, 2023

    Apologies for not getting back until now, it’s been a busy week work wise…

    Cheers for your thoughts and feedback.

    I’ve been waiting for the Snoopy since launch and have been holding off buying anything else since, through the lockdown etc. I suspect with having the funds, it’s been burning a hole so to speak.

    As I’m getting older I’m appreciating the cleaner dials on these pieces, I’ve always gone for watches with busy dials, at minimum generally with a day, date.

    I’ve tried on both a Sub (no-date) and an Explorer (the previous models) and want both.

    I’ve already got some older, birth year Omega’s for myself and the good lady so do enjoy older pieces with a bit of history hence thinking about a 114270 birth year model for my son.

    I’ve also been liaising with my AD throughout the week, getting to know the new salesman and to confirm if I was previously added to their lists - got confirmation today that I was for all three, Snoopy, Explorer and Submariner.

    It’s made the decision to stick and hold out for a 124270 as I should get the call for at least one piece later in the year, hopefully sooner rather than later as I turn half a century in a couple of months…
  9. scapa May 29, 2023

    Good luck with your three quests.

    I resigned from the Snoopy list after learning that it might be 2025 or, more likely, never. Since we're moving back home in July with the only access to this AD via transatlantic flight, it seemed a remarkably painless decision.

    On the plus side, this AD had become a friend over the years, and as a gesture of goodwill was able to source a 124270 for me very quickly -- quite different watches, but I've always loved the Exp in 36, already own the FOIS, and I'm not sure I would have ever felt comfortable wearing a Snoopy round London. So I guess while watch quests take some awkward turns, sometimes the surprises are good ones.
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  10. Capt Cave Man May 29, 2023

    Cheers @scapa, the Snoopy has been a story in itself but I'm holding out as I have the A11 50th and the thought of both 50th anniversary pieces... unfortunately the AD has heard nothing, at least that's what I'm informed...

    I've been updated and I'm expecting a call on the Explorer in Q4 so just chilling and will enjoy the summer.

    When's your eta back to Blighty?
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