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  1. Paedipod Jun 10, 2021

    Up for sale is a Chronosport Chronosail, SS 38x14mm case with Lemania 5270 (it's a hand wound version of the 5100) from about 1999, with falling apart original box. Currently on blue canvas/leather 20 mm strap but will come with original signed strap and buckle and pull through Rhino-style strap. Winds, sets, resets properly. Losing ~ 1 minute per day by Twixt app and 42 hr power reserve on last wind. Chrono function was for yacht timing, the centre minutes has a second fixed yellow hand that trails by 10 minutes with countdown colours on the dial to keep track of start time.

    Apparently serviced before I picked it up a couple of years ago.......I cannot vouch for this.

    Asking $850 CAD/equivalent in your local currency via Wise (formerly transferwise) account. I am not a dealer, just a collector of shiny things that often sit on the desk and now this one needs to be moved, hopefully to someone who will use it. No returns unless grossly misrepresented. I value my presence on OF and do not wish to tarnish that at all, so I will work hard with any buyer for a satisfactory deal for both sides.

    Please contact me via the forum if there are questions, suggestions, offers.
    thanks OF for the space.
    IMG_0805.jpeg IMG_0806.jpeg IMG_0807.jpeg IMG_0808.jpeg IMG_0809.jpeg IMG_0810.jpeg IMG_1359.jpeg IMG_1360.jpeg
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