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Caliber 1120 Winding Efficiency

  1. Top-Gun

    Top-Gun Mar 26, 2020

    I've got a Seamaster 2531.80 (caliber 1120) that was just recently serviced by Omega. Ever since getting it back I feel like the winding efficiency isn't what it used to be. I base this on the observation that starting fully wound and wearing it for 8+ hrs each day during the week, it runs down rather quickly when it sits over the weekend, usually stopping after ~24 hrs.

    As a test, I first checked the reserve by winding it fully and letting it sit until it stopped. The watch ran for over 50 hrs on a full wind so no issue there. To test the automatic winding function, I put the watch on after only giving it a single wind of the crown, and wore the watch for a full 12 hrs. During this time I was just puttering around the house, went for a walk, nothing crazy. It ran for ~20 hrs after this amount of wear.

    Does it sound like it's functioning as expected or should a full day of normal wear fully wind the watch? Just trying to determine if it's working correctly or needs to go back for rework. I seem to recall it running closer to its full reserve time after normal daily wear but I could just be paranoid.

  2. Bimmerman77

    Bimmerman77 Mar 26, 2020

    Did you give it a full wind before wearing? And it all depends on how much movement you’re getting throughout the day. I avg 15,000 steps daily, and it keeps all of my watches, including my 2254 with the 1120, fully wound.
  3. JimInOz

    JimInOz "Helpful Hints from Heloise" of bracelet cleaning. Mar 26, 2020

    The auto system will probably not wind your watch as efficiently as a manual wind unless it's on a winder set for the particular caliber.

    If an 1120 hasn't been worn for 44 hours or more, the instructions state to fully wind it before wearing.

    I consider the auto mechanism is there to maintain a good state of wind after it is fully wound manually.
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