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  1. ScrewDropper Jul 31, 2023

    Hi all, new joiner so apologies in advance if this is the wrong place. I’ve just bought my first Omega for repair having upped the ante from servicing low end movements now I’ve got enough confidence and (I hope) skill to take on something where mistakes become more expensive.

    My first watch is a cal 613 and I could not do my usual check of the hands and date adjustment as the crown had fallen off the stem and is clearly not original and now won’t go back on now the glue has given up.

    Anyway, most of it looks in decent order apart from a clearly bent second pinion and an overly tight cannon pinion but, having removed the cover plate from the dial side, it looks like there might be something missing from the dial jumper wheel (not the quickset, I’ve worked that out and it looks to be fine). I’ve attached an image of both the dial jumper wheel and intermediate wheel (my terminology, not sure what Omega calls it) and I would expect to see some sort of floating arm that would engage with the date wheel every 24 hours.

    Any help appreciated :)
  2. Archer Omega Qualified Watchmaker Jul 31, 2023

    Your date indicator driving wheel should look like this: