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A Pair of 18K Chronographs on Capri. Overpriced....

  1. Lex4TDI4Life Sep 7, 2013

    Found these two in one of the only shops on Capri that sells vintage. They are clearly overpriced, but the cases were sharp and if someone on the forum ends up here in the off season, maybe they can talk the owner into some reason....

    Left was quoted at 2000 EUR, the right at 2500 EUR. If there is any interest, I can swing by for better pics.

  2. LouS Mrs Nataf's Other Son Staff Member Sep 7, 2013

    The left (caramel alligator strap) is not a crazy price, especially for a dealer, if the dial is original (which it looks to be from this image). The right is a later, 1960s model that is not all that hard to find, and could be had for markedly less in decent shape.

    You do get around, though. Weren't you in Florence just yesterday or so?