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OHPF 1968 Omega Speedmaster ULTRAMAN 145.012-67 one owner from Newfoundland

  1. Japenney Dec 3, 2021

    For sale or trade is this single owner Omega Speedmaster Ultraman which I received from the original owner here in Newfoundland. The watch was purchased overseas in 1968 and handed down from father to son. I applied for the extract of the archives myself and it was delivered to me with the correct remark "special model fitted with orange chronograph hand". Everything checks out on this watch and the extract provides additional reassurance. This watch was in a drawer for many years and I had to clean the gunk from it when I received it from the owner. I am including a picture with the gunk still on the watch shortly after I received it (before giving it a light clean). Thankfully it ended up being in quite nice condition.

    Price: $39,999 USD

    There is a discount available for Canadian buyers as the watch is located in Canada and exchange rates + shipping costs hinder the bottom line. However I am willing to ship globally. Modern trades are considered if they are located in Canada but I prefer cash.

    I have quite a few references on this forum, many references on, and many many references on (the Canadian watch collector forum).

    thank you very much for looking and happy holidays!

    5C0A7150.jpg 5C0A7163.jpg 5C0A7165.jpg 5C0A7167.jpg 5C0A7169.jpg 5C0A7199.jpg 5C0A7216.jpg 5C0A7226.jpg 5C0A7243.jpg 5C0A7257.jpg 5C0A7271.jpg 5C0A7272.jpg 5C0A7284.jpg ultra9.jpg ultra10.jpg gunk.jpg caseback.jpg
  2. bags1971 Dec 6, 2021

    Bargain ;)
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