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WITHDRAWN 18k 1940s Omega 30T2 Project

  1. Vanallard Mar 10, 2022

    Bought this one recently with the intention of trying to bring it back to life. My watchmaker’s been off work with health problems so I thought I’d check to see if anyone else wants to take this project on before I store it away.

    The watch is not working and will need a new seconds hand. Could be a fun project for a watchmaker or someone who knows a watchmaker that has access to parts. Case screws aren’t pictured but are included.

    There’s about 15-16 grams of scrap gold, so I think $700 USD is reasonable. Shipping tbd based on location.

    Appreciate the offers but the asking price is essentially equivalent to the scrap gold value so price is firm.

    Being sold as is.

    Watch and I are in Canada.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
    05BB1768-4EA5-4A1A-8D31-D82F127CA74A.jpeg D03B3644-E67D-4409-823D-B3D8F5A2D9C4.jpeg 0CCAAE7F-DAEB-47E1-8E21-0BF73C1E7C4F.jpeg 8E120C31-2640-4CDA-844D-0AF300035FC0.jpeg AC40F5CE-95E8-4642-98D2-4A85931B77DB.jpeg DDDEB612-3F3D-4C65-AD23-5990248AE580.jpeg 57637582-BE4F-47AB-B60A-77673E5D94DB.jpeg 014E4900-415F-4BBB-91AA-7C0DE59D6BD4.jpeg A10640E5-3229-4F67-B828-053093FA16E4.jpeg
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