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  1. AT3Hedge

    AT3Hedge Aug 21, 2018

    Good morning everyone,
    This is my first post on this here forum but I figured that seeing as you all are the experts you could guide me. I recently acquired a pre bond seamaster 396.1041. I got it from a guy that bought it new in the late 80’s and decided his “old eyes can’t see the damn thing anymore.” It is in rough shape, the bezel is scratched to hell, the 1455 bracelet is missing. I am planning on sending it back to Omega to get the full service but I was curious if any of you could point me to a place, other than eBay or any easily googled sites, to find a S/S and black bezel as well as a S/S 1455. I know what omega charges for the parts, but I don’t need nib, I just want presentable as it will be a daily wear watch. The attached photos are the best I could do while being at work. Any help/guidance/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    17A5EDB2-5D9E-4F42-99D6-C95BBA981BBB.jpeg B63C2392-5DC6-497F-9BB6-DF319C470A18.jpeg