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  1. Vale21 Fri. 8:05am

    Vintage Omega 1171 Bracelet, dating to the early 70's, with trapezoid logo and screw in links. Works with 145.022-69 to -78/ 145.0022

    Stainless steel with 20mm 633 endlinks.

    Total length is just over 15cm and easily fits my 7.75" wrist.

    Condition is used with surface scratches but no damage and clasps closes securely.

    located in Geneva / Switzerland

    I m not a photographer

    CHF 450/ EUR 450/ 400 GBP net to me. Bank transfer preferred. PayPal may be an option for established members.
    Buyer responsible for any fees associated with payment.
    37422124-77EF-48DD-9020-6819E226CAB7.jpeg A6770E11-42F3-4F24-B701-C9231A6D22DA.jpeg B34DD082-44FE-4B32-B706-34D0688A6A54.jpeg 08B19368-AA3E-4ED7-9ED2-98CF01974124.jpeg 30C996E0-CFBE-48F7-904D-6C561CD3FC8F.jpeg
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