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Zenith WW1 issued Corps of Engineers pocket watch

  1. river rat Apr 30, 2021

    Bought this last week and got it the other day so thought I would post it here.
    This was issued in WW1 to the US Army Corps of Engineers. It has a 17 jewel movement in a silver sterling case. Saw it on eBay for 275 and saw other dummies' eBay sellers having them way over priced like a 1000 bucks pocket watches are not as big as they use to be us old farts like me that use to buy them are less due to age catches up to us and pocket watch sellers need to realize that and lower the prices these are different than issued wristwatches the younger crowd wants were those prices are jumping it's cost and demand less demand for issued pocket watches you can't put it on the wrist a draw back so eBay seller lower your pocket watches or the stuff will never sell at 275 it will sell not at a 1000 morons . There were three brands that made these for the US Army Corps of Engineers Zenith, Ulysse Nardin , Vacheron & Constantin they made some chronographs and none chronographs like mine I think Vacheron & Constantin was the only one who made a few chronograph versions. They made less Zenith so this mite be the rarest of them maybe. Surprised the lume stayed intact after a 100 years see a lot of these missing all the lume.
    Edited Apr 30, 2021