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  1. Tire-comedon

    Tire-comedon First Globemaster Nov 14, 2014

    When I joined this forum, something like one year ago, I had some collection criterias which I was following (Omega, steel silver or nickel case, before 1950). Looking at some of the very beautiful watches that are shown here has triggered some unexpected wandering outside of my hunting territory. The last example is this Genvève. I always liked this model and when I saw this one, I decided that I wanted it. It is not perfect, at least it needs a good cleaning, replacing of the hour and second hands. The signed crown is also probably a later replacement. I think the dial is not repainted, but I'd like experts opinion :
    Does someone have a picture of the correct second hand and crown for this model?
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  2. Hijak

    Hijak Nov 14, 2014

    Love it, been looking for one of these for a while. Dial looks original, very nice...not so sure that crown is a replacement either, you might be good there. As you stated, a correct hour and second hand and you're good!:thumbsup: