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Worth picking up these pawn and thrift store constellations? piepan & ladies

  1. Beau

    Beau Apr 23, 2018

    Hello again :) today while shopping at a pawn shop & a thrift store, I came across two Omega constellations. The first was a pie pan for $1000 at a pawn shop but they offered it to me for $800 out the door. The watch has a 541 movement & I wasn't able to get the reference number. Because of the harsh lighting the pics aren't the best quality. The face looks a bit faded and the movement looked to be missing a screw or pin towards the outer side(not pictured). The watch seems to be keeping time. The crown is Omega but not original and the crystal is generic. The second watch was a ladies constellation that my wife wanted to buy at a thrift store for $450. She decided to hold off as she wasn't sure if it was real.
    Are either of these watches worth it or should I move on.
    Thanks everyone :)
    Screenshot_20180423-185933.png Screenshot_20180423-185925.png Screenshot_20180423-185908.png Screenshot_20180423-192147.png Screenshot_20180423-192132.png IMG952018042395174159504.jpg Screenshot_20180423-192339.png IMG952018042395175805918.jpg IMG952018042395175737577.jpg IMG95201804239517575118495BURST00095COVER95TOP.jpg
  2. gatorcpa

    gatorcpa ΩF InvestiGator Staff Member Apr 23, 2018

    Some points on the men’s Constellation:

    1. I think the crown is original. Some Constellations had scalloped crowns like this.

    2. Dial and case are correct and in decent condition. May have been polished a bit.

    3. Hands have been replaced with ones of incorrect length. They should only reach to the edge of the pie-pan. Correct replacements should be available somewhere.

    4. Movement should be cal. 561, not 541.

    5. Price is reasonable for what it is.

    Hope this helps,
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  3. Anj

    Anj Apr 23, 2018

    Not sure if it's just pics but dial is quite faded near the constellation text.

    The hands are way off, the hour hand looks almost as long as the original minute hands. :confused:

    Some stars on the back are missing from polishing from what I can see from the pic.

    $800 seems to be a decent price if you can find a new pair of hands, but I suggest taking better quality pics of the dial and the movement first and posting here again.

    The second time piece, the 'bathroom mirror inspired' as quoted from the Omega museum when I visited - I don't know too much about.
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  4. Beau

    Beau Apr 24, 2018

    The dial is definitely faded where it says constellation. The pawn shop was actually kind of rude and didn't want to open the back at first. Anyway I'll probably pass as I'm not sure I'd be able find a set of original hands. If anyone would like to go see it, it's at AJ's Super Pawn in Pomona CA
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