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WITHDRAW Omega Speedmaster MarkII Racing Dial

  1. elara2105

    elara2105 Oct 12, 2019

    15A8B8CD-7F18-475C-82BE-F7B1124A02B4.jpeg 85575FDB-13B4-4A41-AB3E-0D189F4B117C.jpeg 359788CF-3AD8-495A-9BBC-24C222415227.jpeg 1BDCE0F7-16BA-425E-9E78-733B78CB2B51.jpeg 5758862D-EDA5-456C-A20C-26F91E568268.jpeg B808B1F0-1B1E-486D-BB43-F641A5F6C450.jpeg F5AACE85-2639-4313-A796-F80C9FC1236F.jpeg 0957DA06-6399-4F1B-B5C2-FFE13398E80F.jpeg 2C40CFA7-225F-4B5B-9E1D-665F5FAE12B5.jpeg CB6F817B-8FCA-4D81-9E40-73A9F7CC331E.jpeg 79D0E7AE-0B88-4513-9DCF-D0427EA683DB.jpeg C393C66D-6A0E-44F6-AD41-9A9B57920E91.jpeg 7739D06D-D739-4E39-8A87-E0A6752681D5.jpeg

    Omega Speedmaster Mark II Racing Dial.
    Caliber 861
    Ref. 145.014
    The watch was fully serviced and overhaul August 2018 by Omega. Still in warranty.
    When I bought it, it had a generic leather strap, I bought it a NOS correct 1162/173 stainless steel bracelet.
    The watch has little use because I include it in the rotation with my other watches.
    All functions working as they should.
    Price includes shipping fees and dues.
    I can take paypal or money transfer, dues should be consider by the buyer.
    US $3100
    No returns.
    Additional photos available on request.
    Edited Oct 19, 2019
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