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Went diving deep into the interwebs for treasure, and found gold!

  1. ChicagoFrog

    ChicagoFrog wincer, not a bidder May 14, 2015

    I posted this in the UG thread, so apologize if you're reading it twice, but it's one of those things that I still can't believe and wanted to shout from the top of the mountain. Ever since I became aware of the UG brand, I've wanted both a Compax (Nina) and Tri-Compax (panda) from the late 60's and randomly started a thread about the two of them last week in the UG forum. The very next day while spending way too much time (as always) parsing through classified ads, I came upon a Tri-Compax with horrible pictures and a listing over two weeks old. Still figured it was worth a shot, so I shot a text over to guy.

    Turns out it was a single owner with it's original Gay Freres bracelet and the dial could not be in better shape. A few scratches on the crystal that I'll have to use some PolyWatch on, but all in all, couldn't have asked for a much better example to randomly stumble on. I don't know if that thread acted as a WIS rain dance or something, but keep the faith, everyone! There are still absolute gems out there waiting to be snagged (for less than dealers are charging these days). Just takes some creativity and a lot of patience. Unfortunately, this is only going to serve as reinforcement for the asinine amount of time I spend rooting through junk listings online...


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  2. lenny

    lenny May 14, 2015

    It's great to hear stories like this. Remember, dealers are just people that bought the watch cheaper than you :).
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