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FS Vintage Omega boxes - 60's/80s' Speedy, 1501, lady boxes..nothing special etc

  1. tnt9 Oct 23, 2023

    Hi all

    I have few things to offer. all prices are with shipment included world wide.

    I think 1501M was used not just for speedmasters late 60s-70 then also for some other watches but I do see them promoted as speedmaster box...

    1. Omega 1501M (without inside holder) - 70 eur

    2. Omega 1501M (without inside holder) - 70 eur

    3. Omega 1501M (with inside) - 100 eur

    4. Omega 1501M (with inside) + outer box - 120 eur
    this one looks same as 1501M but there are not numbers on bottom.

    5. Omega grey box from 90s for Speedy 3590.50 - 35 eur -SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!
    also outer box and plastic omega 3590.50 tag. - condition isnt nice, as you can see on pictures.

    6. Omega red box, I think late 70s - early 80s - 120Eur
    size 10.5 x 10.5 and hight 7cm
    I see it was used for Speedmaster 145.022, I am unsure any other.

    7. Omega black box for 90s speedy - 80eur

    8. Omega small red box - 70 eur - SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!
    size 8 x 10 and 6cm hight
    I think this was for different models, from quartz models to some speedmaster models ( what I have seen online)

    9. Omega small red box + outer carton box - 85 eur - SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!
    same as 8th model.

    10. 3 x Omega lady vintage box - 25 eur each.

    all photos are inside links, I will also add photos

    If I am mistaken in explanation, please just correct me, than you

    20231021_155837.jpg 20231021_155910.jpg 20231021_160000.jpg 20231021_160027.jpg 20231021_155357.jpg 20231021_155417.jpg 20231021_160651.jpg 20231021_160659.jpg 20231021_160425.jpg 20231021_160513.jpg 20231021_155646.jpg 20231021_155700.jpg 20231021_153417.jpg 20231021_154521.jpg 20231021_154728.jpg 20231021_154835.jpg 20231021_155044.jpg 20231021_155107.jpg 20231022_170030.jpg 20231022_170101.jpg
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  2. tnt9 Nov 19, 2023