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FS Universal Geneve Polerouter Sub Dinky Diver - £1,500

  1. wristpirate Sat. 5:07am

    Proud to present to my fellow watch nerds a beautiful Universal Geneve Polerouter Sub Reference 825604/07.

    Has the original Universal Geneve Gay Freres bracelet with Universal Geneve "UD" endlinks. The bracelet fits my 7 inch/18cm wrist nicely with enough room for the watch head to move around. The clasp has a divers extension which adds around 1 inch/2.5cm to the bracelet length.

    The cool asymmetric case measures 28mm across without the crown. Tends to be known as a lady or boy size. I consider myself a big boy so have always been comfortable rocking it.

    UG signed screw down crown. And even the little "U" logo on the glass. The whole watch is droolworthy!

    Price £1,500 + shipping from UK.

    56E9811F-C77D-492B-B21E-63B208D5AD0B-5345-000002AF613AAF58.jpg D87C6EBD-82B4-460A-B1E7-89B42A240237-5345-000002AF5557B741.JPEG EF461EF5-0150-49CA-BDEE-2614FF15A558-5345-000002AF4C1AF783.jpg 73D5BDF6-349C-4A01-944A-DD55CCA59EC7-5345-000002AF3DC081F5.jpg 45ED82FC-69D4-422D-B660-0EA0E239F685-5345-000002AF366012FB.jpg 26475BEA-BAB0-4E92-AC41-FB3F3D3DCDB0-5345-000002AF300C0C5B.jpg C0951969-7ED6-4FDD-9932-BCA3BF5EEDE4-5345-000002AF259BB376.jpg 51FDD230-E4E1-452B-8B17-679AD2464294-5345-000002AF2D710D4D.jpg D71C44F9-ACF5-4A90-B6F8-1E08C73880B6-5345-000002AF15004294.jpg 3CAA259C-D24E-4395-BE02-336C5A7C0ACF-5345-000002AF0EFDF5CE.jpg 99355A9B-255B-4FB8-B55A-E8D3125FB86A-5345-000002AEFE289CD3.jpg A219F07D-9FCE-4C8E-847B-67C92FA2F616-5345-000002AEFB8EC8DD.jpg DE7A97C5-56EF-431A-B702-5388194CCA8C-5345-000002AEF6EC580F.jpg 289A4212-E0B1-48FE-A2A6-0BF7E630F039-5345-000002AF42E2A946.jpg DED5758A-5536-402F-A1B4-36244EE0C213-5345-000002AF7217C3B2.jpg
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  2. Mafkees Sat. 5:57am

    Darn cool!
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