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Trying out watch styles (self discovery)

  1. sdre

    sdre Feb 15, 2019

    Hey OF.

    I want to start a thread on this watch journey; specifically about trying out different watch styles and surprising myself about certain styles that I have come to enjoy.

    I'll start with a disclaimer on the different styles of watches that are out there :

    - Vintage
    - Modern
    - Chronographs
    - Three Handers
    - GMT
    - Dive Watches
    - Dress Watches

    I thought I have always been a dive watch guy. Something tool-like, functional and built to last; reminds me that watches are often made for that sole purpose, to be used.

    Then, hanging out with watch friends like @bigsom @jerryct @bimbim1207 @kreyke I got to try on more "fun" "not so serious" watches that are vintage, like Universal Geneve, Omega...

    Sometimes, you have to buy a certain watch just to try it on and think if it fits you/your collection/dress style/wrist type even.

    So right now, I'm actually left with a single dive watch (a Mondaine that's on sale on private sales), and strange enough; the "keepers" are my Polerouters, Seikos and a Rolex GMT.

    I am perfectly happy with my collection and I'm wondering if there's more collectors out there who find themselves moving towards certain styles that surprise them.

    I guess the biggest "kick" in this hobby; is to buy a watch that is quite different from your collection and discovering that it wears well, and is totally "you". Such an example is my recent purchase of the Seiko Lord Matic.

    Hope to hear some interesting stories and changes in directions from everyone.

    Here are some pictures of my collection.

    Some gone but not forgotten
    IMG_20190214_192009.jpg IMG_20190211_071316_290.jpg IMG_20190206_075834_537.jpg IMG_20190201_130752_388.jpg IMG_20190128_175917_592.jpg IMG_20190204_073545_146.jpg IMG_20190110_201229_584.jpg IMG_20181210_115739_355.jpg
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  2. OHS

    OHS Feb 15, 2019

    Great collection - love the Polerouter super and the seiko speed timer.

    Interestingly I'm going through the same thing but the other way around... I always believed I only liked smallish, very classic looking watches on rustic leather straps and therefore collected UGs etc but then one day randomly tried on a dive watch on a steel bracelet and it was an instant 'wow that's cool'...completely not my normal style and I still feel a bit self conscious wearing it but the joy overrides this :)

    Now I'm hunting for a seiko helmet or suchlike!

    I love the way tastes evolve & then revert and so on... it's definitely important to allow yourself to experiment and change (in all elements of life!).

    Photo of UGs for good measure..
  3. bigsom

    bigsom Feb 15, 2019

    Love seeing how collections evolve, such an interesting experience. Beautiful collection man! Can't wait to see the gmt back onto the wrist as well.
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    STANDY schizophrenic pizza orderer and watch collector Feb 15, 2019

    Bought a watch way out of my radar, one minute I’m buying vintage 35-36mm watches.

    Boom a 44mm watch from a brand I had never heard of before is on its way.

    back to vintage like nothing happened. Still get a kick out of it every time I wear it. ( funny as I put it on a week ago as I took my speedy off to work on the car and I still have it on )
    Edited Feb 15, 2019
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  5. WYO_Watch

    WYO_Watch Feb 15, 2019

    This... I definitely learn by feel.

    Even models I know I like where I have multiple and have had quite a few (speedmasters), I need to try on and touch. Maybe it’s my inexperience knowing quality from pictures. Some watches look appealing in a photo and then once in hand I’ve lost the connection or have in my mind I’d like something else. Suddenly want something with a bit more patina, little less wear on the case, the dial is not what I expected, or what I’ve recently struggled with - the watch is too nice and I’ve rather have something I don’t worry about dinging.

    The problem only gets more complicated when the avenue for seeing watches is limited to purchasing. I am jealous of those people who can participate in watch get togethers, have watch shops (vintage and new), and other ways to see watches besides buying them outright.
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