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  1. Anthony Lane Feb 12, 2022

    I saw a variant of this on Hodinkee a while back for $1200 (hilarious) and was really into the look. Kinda mil, kinda diver. $150-$350 is my sweet-spot for watches like this and I was able to get this one fit the bill.

    I took a chance on one I found on etsy and was a little unsure given the seller's mediocre photos, but he assured me I would be surprised by its condition. I am, the plated case is mint and outside of some scratching on the crystal, which I cleaned up with polywatch–it's in excellent condition.
    Looks great on a 20mm NATO, and I think the wider lugs really help with the proportions. Fun little watch! Enjoy your weekend, folks.

    IMG_0061.jpg IMG_0064.jpg OrvinSears.jpg
    Edited Feb 12, 2022
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