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Swapping parts between an 8500 & 8800?

  1. EuroDriver 1st Seamaster 75th Anniversary Owner Nov 5, 2023

    I know this might be an unpopular topic but here it goes...

    I'm thinking of building a frankenwatch by using the dial and hands of a PO 42mm Ti (calibre 8500) on a 8800 SMP, hopefully swapping the components to end up with 2 working watches. I would have a watchmaker do the surgery so I'm trying to ascertain the feasibility of this project beforehand. Can someone please confirm for me the following:

    - will the PO dial and hands fit the 8800?
    - will the date wheel from the 8500 work on the 8800? If not, is there a compatible date wheel that will have the proper orientation at 3 o clock?

    Any useful information and advice will be greatly appreciated and please spare me the naysaying on my premeditated stupidity, lol.
    Edited Nov 5, 2023