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  1. Vale21 Dec 6, 2019

    As a speedmaster fan and geek I created the Speedysocks with a friend of mine and contact a manufacture to developped the socks.

    If you want to combine your Watch with your Socks with style the Speedysocks is the pair you definitely need ;-)

    You can pre-order you socks they will be ready for delivery in february 2020 probably at the same time the new speedmaster comes out...

    2 colors available in a really small quantities as I do this only by passion

    Please find below some pics of the sample.

    Or check my instagram account "crocwatch"
    IMG_20191202_132725_402.jpg IMG-20191202-WA0061.jpg IMG-20191202-WA0067.jpg IMG-20191202-WA0053.jpg IMG-20191202-WA0083.jpg
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