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Speedmaster is an honest, trustworthy seller!

  1. Mauzer

    Mauzer Mar 20, 2020

    As you can read here: , I missed a deal with @Cuttysark . I came in contact with @TheSpeedmaster , and besides no recommendations here the feeling was good.

    Thomas, @TheSpeedmaster , replied quick, was clear in communication and is a very pleasant man to speak with. Though it was a tiny bit scary transferring the full about by bank-wire without an option to meet face-to-face, everything went as hoped! Just as I said, the feeling was right, and that's often most important. Luckily it was good, and the watch arrived earlier than expected in condition as described.

    I would recommend/buy again from Thomas!
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  2. Cuttysark

    Cuttysark Mar 20, 2020

    Thomas @TheSpeedmaster is a trustworty person. Very nice collector. Was a pleasure to had two deals with him!
    Also Maurits @Mauzer is a very honest collector. I missed a deal with him but we are keeping in touch.
    Thank you
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