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SOLD Speedmaster 145.022-69 £5800 Brown Dial

  1. Spacefruit

    Spacefruit Prolific Speedmaster Hoarder Aug 9, 2018

    An especially attractive example. This watch has a definite brown tint. In fact when comparing this watch, the dial has a reddish brown hint. It is very nice.

    I have owned this watch since 2012.

    Simon Freese serviced it in 2017.


    This is also a rare example where the photo shows the colour easily and without trying.

    A special note on the colour.
    Browns are my particular interest. This one shows a subtle colour, that strangely pops out in photos. In the flesh it is a pleasing even slight brown, that is accentuated by placing the watch next to a black dial. It is not what people have come to call tropical, rather it is the old school chocolate, where the entire dial has evenly and attractively changed to a dark brown.

    P8090009.jpg P8090010.jpg P8090011-001.jpg
    The case has a damage on the lug:


    Watch is to my knowledge original and correct specification, with the exception of the hands which were restored with paint and lume by Simon Freese.

    It is recently serviced by Simon Freese 5th May 2017, on document no 1351 and the guarantee from Simon will last until 5 March 2018.


    Why am I selling?
    I am refocusing my collection, and removing some capital in it to pay for the wifes new house - its on going and crippling. I am unable to say we cannot have that sofa while I still have more watches than I can wear. This particular watch is in the Brown dial 861 group in my collection. I must admit to having several stronger browns than this one and so it goes.

    Who am I?
    I am a enthusiastic private collector, holding a large number of watches. I sell only when I need to finance something else. I do not acquire watches to profit, but to collect. Of course I welcome an uplift when I sell, but it is not my motive. I have many references here on this forum, and I wrote the site My reputation is important to me. I have no need to tell untruths - even by omission.

    Price is £5800 Sterling

    Payment by Bank Wire, in UK pounds sterling or HKD equivalent to my company account in Hong Kong, or Crypto currency. (HSBC compelled me to acquire my special objects through a company account, as the amounts were varying, unpredictable, and they would not let me do it through my private account. So thats why you have to send it to my company). If you are uncomfortable with this, then I will wait until you are. Or cash in UK.

    Face to face is welcome, in UK, GU8 area or London. UK delivery is by registered Mail, insured to £2500.

    While they are not welcomed, I will take it back if you are seriously miserable and very, very nice about it. I do not need you to keep a watch that when it arrives, you hate. Obviously you have to pay the shipping, and get it back to me in the same condition as I sent it.

    Now fitted on a new handmade strap
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  2. Spacefruit

    Spacefruit Prolific Speedmaster Hoarder Aug 10, 2018

    Sold to California.
    Thanks for all the interest!

    As is often the case, many kind people gave me offers which I do appreciate , however it sold with the magic words, “I buy it now at your price”.

    Thank you everyone for the interest.
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