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Source for, or dimensions of omega crown 069ST35002W

  1. David Hardy

    David Hardy Sep 30, 2013

    I have just finished my at home cleaning of my omega recs (50 years ago) from parents on my 21st birthday.

    Watch crown vanished over the years. Replaced with a generic - now long gone.

    Ofrei carries this item around $50 including P&S. would like an alternative source if possible.

    Next best, knowing the dimensions / specs of this crown. There are ebay sources who carry loose crowns, and will try to match what I specified.


    David Hardy
    San Diego
  2. Archer

    Archer Omega Qualified Watchmaker Sep 30, 2013

    The part number you give does not return a result on the Omega Extranet. If I remove the "W" off the end, it does give a result for this number, so not sure where you got that part number from. When I look at the Omega material codification, there is no "W" suffix listed.

    If you have the case number, that would allow me to look up the correct crown for your case...

    069ST35002 appears to be still available from Omega, so any watchmaker with an Omega parts account should be able to get you one.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Al