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Simonsays has defined the meaning of trusted seller

  1. Sculler22

    Sculler22 May 20, 2020

    About a month ago I entered a conversation via OF regarding a watch that Simonsays was offering for sale. While I was aware of some of the history of the IDF issued Eterna Super KonTiki watches, I was woefully unprepared for all the complexities that have arisen from counterfeit watches that have appeared in the market. After having checked the feedback on this forum, I was confident that any information that the seller provided was accurate.
    Luckily, there are numerous threads on OF about these watches, and about this particular watch.Additionally, the seller was very helpful in providing even more information, and the result of all this was a perfect transaction. Simonsays called before we concluded the details, and he just called again, minutes after the watch arrived, to see if it had arrived safely and met my expectations. The bottom line here is that if Simonsays ever offers a watch for sale, please be advised that is as described and very fairly priced in regards to the then current market.
    One more comment that I am repeating from a previous seller feedback note, OF seems to have an unusually high calibre of members. The amount of collective knowledge about the most minute details of watches and related topics, coupled with the extremely high level of mutual trust is really reassuring in this age of scam deals in internet transactions. Buying, what for me is, an expensive watch without being able to see it or the seller is an act of trust.
    Thank all of you collectively for making OF such a tremendous asset to the watch collecting world.
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  2. simonsays

    simonsays May 20, 2020

    Thank you John, and the feeling is mutual. Thank you OF for the opportunity to make contact with such a good bunch of people.