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Seiko 5M85-OABO Kinetic Watch Band Links wanted Please

  1. powerclocks Nov 11, 2023

    Hi to all of the Seiko fans, I have owned Seiko watches most of my adult life after buying a Seiko Deep Sea Divers Watch in 1975 I used as my daily wear until the movement was (I was told by the watch shop unfortunately I believed them) that it was irreparable and found someone to buy it for a real pittance compared to what I now know as the real value, lesson learned but I am better educated now and play a bit with low end watches of the Marque.

    I bought this one recently to wear but the band is a bit too small, I did ask the seller if he had spare links but he said No, I did see that I can probably get a new watch band but I would like to see if I can obtain original old links before I move in this direction, would anyone have some links to sell me so I can wear it

    Rather odd that the previous owner adjusted the band to its smallest setting on the deployment clasp and removed links, I have to wonder why he didn't just adjust the band small on the clasp and remove a minimum of links, I would probably have been able to wear it, any way, you cant put brains in statues, does anyone have spare links to sell, a suitable watch band, a link to where I can buy either at a reasonable price or a part number so I can search knowing what I find will fit my original band? any help appreciated.