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  1. Trikalinos

    Trikalinos Feb 16, 2017

    Hey everyone!

    I'm starting to enjoy researching and learning about Omega vintage watches. Particularly, I'm "studying" the cal. 5xx from the late 50s to late 60s. I came accross two Seamasters, one 503 and one 552. Do you have any experience with any of these beautiful models?

    Having closely examined the pictures and taking into consideration that I just started about 7-10 days ago educating myself about authenticity and originality of Omega vintage watches, I'm quite confident that these two examples have little to no modifications. I'm just not sure whether the 552 has a redial. Love the fact, that its glass shows the Ω symbol in the center, though.

    Cal. 503


    Cal. 552

  2. ConElPueblo

    ConElPueblo Feb 16, 2017

    Why do you believe that the second one could be a redial? It has been cleaned, as there are traces of dirt around the markers and the luminous material has been removed. Still, I'd be more concerned with the ruined gold plating on the lugs.

    The first Seamaster looks good, price is in the upper region, but not outrageous, IMO. Original dials for these tend to be quite degraded and there are a lot of redials out there. At first I thought it had two minute hands :D